User Charter

User Charter

The Vision

GOSI has adopted technology to efficiently implemented social insurance and has been realized in e-GOSI, to be a crucial part of e-government. E-GOSI is considered a huge leap in social insurance, as it comprises a group of electronic channels such as GOSI Online, e-payment, GOSI Phone, web services and SMS. E-GOSI is not just getting close to its customers through these channels, but in fact also offers services via its proactive services. And from that, its slogan has become "You can. From where you are."

The Message

GOSI has been keen on users having complete knowledge about the electronic services available, which would increase their acceptance of it and decrease the need for customer support. Thus, the services were designed with usability in mind.

Strategic Goals

  1. Automation of all services covering all demographics
  2. Multiple channels to obtain a service
  3. Proactive services
  4. Enriching the electronic social insurance content


  1. Reliability and Performance
    The use of vertically-expandable backend enables quick expansion to meet users' growing needs. High bandwidth connections ensure that users always have quick access to the services.
    Redundant servers and parts and an off-location backup center ensure that downtime is minimized as much as possible.
  2. Ease of use
    Usability was the guiding principle in designing all services, and users' input were given a great deal of attention.
  3. Security
    GOSI employs the latest in encryption technologies to ensure a safe and reliable connection between it and its users.
  4. Help
    Not only is their help in the form of a toll-free number and e-mail correspondence, but GOSI also proactively prepared instruction pages and even how-to videos for most of the services offered.


  1. Contributors
  2. Establishments
  3. Retirees and beneficiaries
  4. Hospitals
  5. Heirs

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