Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Security of Information:

At GOSI we take your privacy and the safety and security of your information very seriously. Here are some of the safeguards we take to insure that:

1- To access your information, whether you are an individual, an employer or a hospital, you are required to enter your user ID and your password, and your user ID is created at the time of registration.

2- We use a two-factor authentication mechanism for certain requests (such as recovering your password), with the first factor being your user ID and the second being your mobile phone number, so when a user requests to recover his forgotten password, they are required to submit their user ID, and a new password is sent to their mobile phone number stored in our database.

3- We user Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt any outgoing and incoming data between us and the user, to keep them secure and prevent any eavesdropping or theft.

4- Password are stored in our database in an encrypt manner, using SHA-1 encryption and a base of 64-bit.

5- We use digital signatures to authenticate information between our system and other governmental agencies such as Sadad.