E-Services Channels

E-service Channels

You can access GOSI eServices through the following channels:

Through GOSI Online, which was launched in mid 2005, the first interactive and integrated electronic transaction was conducted. Beneficiaries can use this channel to conduct all transactions without the need to visit GOSI offices.

GOSI-Online is a set of services provided by GOSI for its clients through the internet. You can perform many transactions directly through this service rather than the need to visit GOSI office..

System-to-System and GOSI Online channels were launched in the same year. This channel meets the needs of large companies for directly conducting e-transactions between their systems and GOSI systems without the intervention of the human factor. This channel uses advanced security technologies such as digital certificates and electronic signatures.


The Short Message Service was launched in April 2006 to provide the client with necessary information immediately

In mid 2006, the e-payment channel was launched through one of the local banks. This channel was linked with Sadad Payment System. Now, all payments are electronically made.

For the convenience of employers and contributors, and order to facilitate monthly contribution payment and increase the application of e-services, GOSI launched the e-payment service through SADAD payment system available at all local banks (ATM, phone banking, bank's website, mobile banking app as well as the bank's branches).

GOSI-Phone was launched to facilitate access of contributors and employers to GOSI services from anywhere and without the need for the internet.

Emanating from the keenness of GOSI provide multiple electronic channel to easily deliver services, the social insurance telephone service (GOSI-phone) was launched to be dedicated to employers and contributors either through self-service or GOSI staff. It is considered a service directed to employers and contributors enabling them to access self-service through GOSI-phone. By using this service, they can inquire about various types of information pertaining to stakeholders within the social insurance scheme. This service also allows you to speak with a representative from GOSI to answer any questions and for you to request any assistance.

Through proactive services, the clients are offered the service before they apply for it and without the need to visit GOSI office. For example, a female beneficiary will receive a marriage grant as soon as the marriage is registered by the concerned government body.

The General Organization for Social Insurance always ensures on creating the best channels of communication with users and customers.
( Taminaty App ) is designed to enable users to benefit from the services and features using their smart phone devices at any time and from any place