About GOSI Electronic Services

About GOSI Electronic Services

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is among the first government bodies in terms of applying information technology in its business since 1973. Due to the emergence of e-government concepts and in light of the continuous development of information technology and communications which has a major effect on the achievement of objectives, GOSI adopted information technology to achieve efficient social insurance coverage, thus "GOSI Electronic Services" emerged and have become a strong link within e-government system. GOSI e-services are a quantum leap in the social insurance field, as they include a set of e-channels such as online service, e-payment, GOSI-Phone, direct link service, and Short Message Service (SMS). However, GOSI e-services not only approach you through these channels, but also provide you with proactive services. Now, you can benefit from all GOSI services wherever you are.

Growth in electronic operations:

Description 2013 2014 2015 2016
Number of transactions through the portal 16,490,938 13,120,738 14,032,525 12,756,224
Percentage of use for electronic services compared to all services 89,3 % 93,6 % 94,89 % 96,6 %
Percentage of use of electronic services for services available electronically 89,3 % 93,6 % 94,89 % 98,9 %
Number of visitors to the website 16,542,342 16,657,469 20,125,941 21,302,345
Number of emails 2,726,281 1,717,596 10,220,657 10,119,173
SADAD service 1,948,817 2,312,542 2,793,092 3,081,902
Number of queries 29,730,190 22,974,292 14,189,826 26,108,377

GOSI Online services:

System name Amount of use for 2013 Amount of use for 2014 Amount of use for 2015 Amount of use for 2016
SANED - - 150,991 15,203
Wage - - - -
Regestration 13,494,860 9,157,154 9,135,366 10,493,055
Contribution 1,948,817 2,312,565 2,793,092 3,081,902
Compensation 7,674 8,647 11,481 26,325
Occupational Hazard 285,011 355,414 391,012 321,922
Employers Affairs 12,165 4,111 5,560 6,852
Exchange of benefits 69 43 41 35
Customer Care System - - 23,137 2,518
Messages and certificates 742,411 1,282,847 1,322,351 1,545,712
Total 16,491,007 13,120,781 13,833,031 15,493,524


Presence 2013 2014 2015 2016
  98.84% 98.25 % 99.73% 99.94%

Efficiency and Reliability:
The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) adopts a global quality system. This system allows the horizontal expansion to render e-services through multiple servers, with high efficiency to ensure speed and a 24-hour basis work without interruption or disruption. Furthermore, these services are equipped with a strict security protocol served by sophisticated data centers to raise the reliability of provided services

GOSI is constantly developing E-Services Portal through user’s perceptions and analyzing the data through the organization's website to ensure rendering accessible services to provide users with business easily

Confidentiality of Information: 
Through its electronic portal, GOSI is keen to maintain the confidentiality and security of information, by using the latest information technology in this regard. 

Assistance Tools: 
Through its electronic portal, GOSI has taken care of all guiding means by providing simplified explanations of all systems and services. 

. E-Government Transaction Conversion and Practice Awards.
. E-Government Transformation Measurement Award by e-Government Program (Yesser).
. His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award 2011 for Service Project.
. Certificate of Merit for GOSI Practice and Experience in Business Intelligence by ISSA.
. Certificate of Merit for Good Practice Award in the Field of Social Insurance for Asia and the Pacific by ISSA.
. Certificate of Merit for GOSI E-Services by ISSA.