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Tue, 14 Feb 2017 11:16:55 +0300

Wages Protection Program

 The wage protection program monitor the wages payment to all operations Workers and workers in the private sector enterprises (Saudis and expatriates) in order to create a rule containing updated data for the payment of workers in the private sector and determine the extent of wages operations, information  Installations, obligation to pay wages on time.

Starting from 22 \ 7 \ 1434 H, corresponding to 1 \6 \ 2013 implementing the program to include in The first phase giant-sized enterprises (3,000 employees or more)  trial period and will be able to raise wages file in the ministry services portal and that file starting wages from June that the mandatory application of the date of 25.10.1434 starts corresponding to 01/09/2013 AD as previously announced plan.

To learn more about Wages Protection Program you can visit the channel of Ministry of Labor on "YouTube ":

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